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Tips on PREVENTING  heat exhaustion or stroke. 


“Drink early, and drink often”, water that is!


Drink water! Begin drinking water 24 hours before the event. If you do not like the taste of water, add some lemon to it or Mio flavor additive.


Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink water. Drink it more than usual, unless under Doctor’s advisory.


Wear light loosely fitting clothing. Best material is all natural fibers, ie, cotton or linen. 


If drinking powerade or gatorade, please remember to drink water as well, as these drinks contain a high content of sugar. Ratio is for every gatorade you drink, you drink two waters. 


Drinking pickle juice or olive juice helps replenish electrolytes. 


Eating pickles and/or olives … Helps replenish electrolytes due to the vinegar and salt ratio. This also helps with cramping.  


Avoid caffeinated beverages, as caffeine dehydrates. 


As a Pirate I hate saying this, but avoid alcoholic beverages, or moderate how much you drink, as alcohol will dehydrate as well.


Do NOT skip meals! But please avoid hot heavy meals. 


If feeling a bit peaked, dampen a cloth with cool water (NOT cold) and place it along the back of your neck. 


Stay out of direct sunlight if possible, wear a hat that might provide some shade. 




Do not overexert yourself. Pace yourself. 

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