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The IPC is in constant evolution with many projects and initiatives on the go. Here are some of our project list with the status on completion. 

Google has changed its Google earth interface so most of the .KMS information needs to be remapped or deleted  (over 2300 entered need to do manually. Many of the good functionalities have been removed in the new version of google earth. A decision needs to be made to adapt or cancel this project.

The interface is being built and the process to score each song is being developed. 

The Festival des pirates leads this project and will engage pirate artistes . 

The votes have been closed, we compiled the results, and need to be publish the result at the International Pirate Rendez-vous.     

The International Pirate Rendez-vous is still plan but we need to revisit the decision on may 15th.

The group has been created.  Need to add it to the org chart and. Articles and interviews have been coming in.     

The international year of Pirate women's  play cards have been started

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